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Hi! I'm Sherrie Nist, and I've been an astrologer for 25 years, and I can tell you
that most people who consult an astrologer have a particular issue that they
want to explore. Sure, they're interested in the rest of the information too, but
there's almost always something that is the primary reason for scheduling the

A full scale astrology consultation is expensive and time consuming, and maybe
is more than you actually need. Why not cut to the chase, and immediately focus
in on your most important issue?

Many people have limited free time available, and are reluctant to schedule an
astrology consultation. Between demanding careers, family obligations, and
whatever else is tying up an individual's free time, there's simply no room in the
schedule for more appointments.

If either of these situations apply to you, the E-Mail Astrologer is your answer:
Affordable, issue-focused astrology at your fingertips!

Here's how it works: The client e-mails their question, pays via PayPal through
this website, and receives their report via return e-mail, several days later
(never longer than a week, almost always much sooner). $25.00 buys you a two
page report.

Longer reports are also available. When you send me your question, let me
know if you are interested in additional information if I think it is warranted.  This
is not a bait and switch tactic: in most cases I can cover an issue very well in two
pages. In addition to my 25 years of astrology experience, I am a professional
writer and editor, and I don't waste words. If you are interested in a longer
report, rest assured that it won't be padded with useless information, just so I
can charge you more. It will be as long as it needs to be, and that's it. Additional
pages are $10 per page.

These are not "canned" reports - no computer printouts. All reports from the E-mail
Astrologer are personally written for you and you alone.

Relationship compatibility involving you and a specific other person requires
birth data for both individuals. Because this type of consultation involves
interpreting multiple charts, relationship compatibility reports are $30.00 for the
2 page report, then $15.00 per additional page.

Your birth data is required to accurately answer your
questions. Birth data includes the exact date, time,
and location of your birth.
The E-Mail Astrologer, copyright Sherrie Nist, 2012
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Send your birth data, questions, and payment to You can send your
questions and birth data separately, to the same e-mail, or just include them in the comments portion of the
PayPal form. If you send separately, be sure to use the same e-mail address that is on your PayPal payment.
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