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Question: I was born on the cusp, between 2 signs. Does that mean I
am a combination of both signs?
The short answer: No.

More information: there is no "between signs." Your Sun can only be in one sign at a time.

I usually explain it this way: you're in a room, and the light is turned on. You walk over to
turn it off, and right before you turn it off, it is still fully on until you do. Sun signs are like
that. There are some minor nuances relative to whether your sun is in earlier or later
degrees of it's sign, but it's not in the next sign, until it really is.

Everybody has every sign in their chart. We are a combination of energies: the Sun sign is
the most prominent, but the Moon sign and rising sign are major influences too. Also, any
sign that has multiple planets in it is going to manifest clearly in your personality. So
everyone will have bits of other sign characteristics, including personality traits
corresponding with the next Zodiac sign after your Sun sign, but that's not from being
born on the cusp. Any sign that you have planets in will make an obvious appearance in
your personality. The "born on the cusp" thing is an extremely common misperception.

Another common reason that people may seem to be a lot like the next sign is the planet
Mercury. Mercury is never far away from the sun, so the chances are huge that it will be in
the next house or sign. Since Mercury describes your communication nature, your
personality will display many characteristics of the sign that Mercury is in.

Another reason someone could seem an awful lot like the next sign is if the ruling planet
of that sign is in close aspect to the individual's Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, or any other
planet in the first house. Or, you could have a 12th house Sun, so the next sign would be
your rising sign. The rising sign describes your outward personality, so if it is the next sign
after your sun sign, you will have many of that sign's outward characteristics.
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