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As Above, So Below
The Structure of a Chart:
Houses, Part Two
by Sherrie Nist
         Where does your Mercury live?  How about your Venus?  Everything is
SOMEWHERE. The planets in an astrology chart are no exception.  They live in the
“houses” of your chart, and which house any particular planet is in tells you a lot
about where in your life the influence of that planet will be most strongly felt.  
Houses are the psychological environments in which planets associated with those
particular houses act out their functions.  There are 12 houses, and my last column
covered houses one through six.
        The 7th house is a biggie for most people.  It’s your committed partnerships,
personal or professional.  Marriage is a personal partnership, and traditionally, the
7th house is LEGAL partnerships, but that definition is too narrow for the
lesbian/gay community, because we do not enjoy the civil right to get married.  So
how do you decide if a relationship fits into the 7th house, as opposed to the 5th,
which is love affairs?  I think the answer is in the ATTITUDE toward the relationship
of the people involved.  Do you consider yourself married, even if the law doesn’t.  
Often there IS legal evidence of your commitment; documents such as shared
leases, car loans, and bank accounts.  The 7th house describes the type of
partners that you will attract, how you typically relate with your partners, and how
you handle conflict.  All these things apply to ANY seventh house partnership,
business or personal.   A planet in the 7th house will play an important role in
relationship dynamics. Libra and it’s ruler, Venus, the sign and planet associated
with relationships , are the natural zodiacal correspondents to the seventh house.
        Your deep, dark secrets are lurking in your 8th house.  Home of life and death
experiences, the 8th house is where we die and are born again many times over.  
Transformation and regeneration take place here.  Traditionally, the 8th house is
interpreted as sex, death, and other people’s money. Why?  Because the 8th house
corresponds with the sign of Scorpio and the planet Pluto, and Pluto is about
POWER, and these are things that have power over us.  They are also things we
can use to have power over others.  In the 8th house we discover our own power
and the ability to transform.  We discover the depths of our own darkness, and our
strength to rise above.
        All our journeys begin and end in the 9th house.  Journeys of the body, mind,
and soul.  Expanding horizons, physically and mentally.  Traditional astrology
describes the 9th house as higher education, long trips, religion and philosophy.  It’
s your belief system, whether you are a true believer of an organized religion, or
have developed an eclectic philosophy all your own.  In the 9th house we each
seek our own truth.  Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and Sagittarius, the seeker of
meaning in all things, are the natural correspondents to the 9th house.
        The 10th house is your place in the world at large.  Career, status, reputation,
accomplishments, fame and recognition can be found here.  How much do you care
about social status?  What are you willing to do to achieve it?  What kinds of goals
to you have for yourself?  How do you stack up in the public eye?  The 10th house
is home to Capricorn in the natural zodiac, and it’s symbol, the mountain goat, is an
appropriate correspondent for the 10th house.  The planetary correlation is Saturn,
the planet of responsibility and structure.  When you get to the top of the mountain
you’ll discover that along with status comes responsibility.  And to get there, you
first need to establish a firm Saturnian foundation.
        The 11th house is your experience with groups.  Your attitudes,  ideas about,
and experiences with friends, social consciousness, humanitarian causes,
organizations, and community spirit live in your 11th house.  This is where we
realize our connection to the universe, see the big picture, and try to make a
difference on a broader scale than before.  The 11th house is where we work for
change outside of our immediate circle, because an injustice to one is an injustice
to ALL.  Our ability to understand and act on these concepts can be found in the
11th house of our natal charts.  Aquarius and it’s ruler, the planet Uranus, the
eternal rebel who always has to challenge the status quo, are the natural
correspondents to the 11th house.
        All things difficult to understand reside in the 12th house.  Your subconscious
mind, delusion, fantasy, denial, and spirituality are hanging out here.  The 12th
house is also the house of extremes, including extreme environments, like
institutions or prison.  Sometimes the prison can be in your own mind.  There are
no boundaries in the 12th house.  You can descend to the outer limits of reality, or
transcend to new heights of spirituality.  The connection between these seemingly
dissimilar states is the absence of boundaries.  Neptune and Pisces are the natural
correspondents to the 12th house.