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As Above, So Below
The Structure of an Astrology Chart: Signs, Part 2
By Sherrie Nist
   Last column we covered  Aries, Taurus, and Gemini.  To refresh  your memory,
every planet is in a sign.   Whatever sign a planet is in, that sign describes how
that particular planetary energy is acted out.  Every planet has a specific function,
and the sign the planet is in influences HOW that planet's function will be
   Nurturing Cancer is sensitive, emotional, and home and family oriented.  They
want to take care of your every need, to the point of neglecting their own.   Their
heightened emotional sensitivity and concern for others attracts troubled souls,
and they absorbs all this distress like a sponge. No wonder Cancer is so
depressed!!  The flip side of all this nurturing is smothering.  Cancer has a
problem backing off and letting go. They also tend to hold on to the past. Don’t let
all this talk about emotionalism and sensitivity give you the impression that Cancer
is a wimp.  Not by a long shot!  Think of a mother protecting her children, and you’ll
know how strong and determined Cancer can be.
   Cancer Sun?  You probably recognized yourself in the above description.  If you
have a Cancer Moon, the strong emotional orientation of Cancer is highlighted
significantly.  Cancer Moons take everything personally and their feelings are
easily hurt.  No wonder they’re so depressed!! Pass the Prozac.  Moon in Cancer
individuals are also very intuitive and creative. They understand many things
instinctively.  Mercury in Cancer intellectualizes and over-analyzes their feelings
and emotions.  They also need to talk about their feelings a lot.  In Cancer, Venus
can become jealous and possessive.  Fiery Mars has a hard time in watery Cancer
(water puts out fire); it can seriously put a damper on an individual’s energy
levels.  Jupiter in Cancer  expands Cancer’s intuition, and has a strong belief in
home and family, an environment through which they accomplish much personal
growth.  Saturn, the planet of boundaries, rules, and ambition is confused by all
that emotion and has a hard time functioning on instinct.  Saturn is very
uncomfortable in Cancer.
   Sun sign Leos have a reputation  for being arrogant egotistical showoffs, and
those qualities often DO show up in Leos, but there’s a lot more to them than that.  
Leo is also magnetic, honorable, benevolent, creative, loyal (AND stubborn; those
2 things are manifestations of the same quality), has a zest for life, a strong need
to be liked, and always manages to be the center of attention.  
   Moon in Leo has trouble separating their feelings from their ego.  Stubborn
pride is their emotional downfall.  Mercury in Leo people are in love with their own
opinion, and express these opinions with such enthusiasm that other people are
easily persuaded.  A Leo Mercury   has the makings of a good salesperson. Venus
in Leo is the most outgoing and socially gregarious.  They are also creative and
artistic.  If your Mars is in Leo, you put a tremendous amount of energy into
everything you do, and you do things in a big way.  Mars in Leo is highly creative,
but not very practical. Watch out for Jupiter in Leo.  “Livin’ large” applies here.
Jupiter in Leo energy  can easily get out of control.  Saturn uses Leo’s energy to
accomplish their goals.   On a personal level they aren’t always comfortable with
Leo’s energy, and tend to be repressed and/or inhibited.
   Virgo is another misunderstood  and often maligned sign. Everybody picks on
poor Virgo, because Virgo picks on everybody else.  And it’s true, Virgo CAN be
hypercritical.  But the number they do on others is nothing compared to the
number they do on themselves!  Virgo also has many good qualities; such as
helpful, dependable, detail-oriented, efficient, and analytical.  And yeah, they ARE
obsessive and anal-retentive, but so what? At least they have the decency to feel
guilty about it!  Actually, Virgo feels guilty about LOTS of things.
   You’re a Sun sign Virgo??  Try not to be too hard on yourself.  Virgo Moon?  You
need to feel that you are helping others, although you have a hard time letting
anyone get close to YOU.  Mercury in Virgo is extremely perceptive and analytical.
They also never shut up.  Venus in Virgo is rarely the aggressor in relationships
and has strict ideas and standards of relationship worthiness, and often pass a
relationship by because it is not exactly what they are looking for. If you have Mars
in Virgo, you’re VERY busy. Mars in Virgo often likes physical work. Jupiter takes
Virgo's nit-picking detail obsessive behavior to new heights, and loses sight of
the bigger picture. Saturn is right at home in earthy Virgo. Efficiency, organization,
and practicality allows for much accomplishment but sometimes doesn't leave
room for creativity and imagination. Next column: planets in Libra, Scorpio, and