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As Above, So Below
The Structure of an Astrology Chart: Signs, Part 3
By Sherrie Nist
        We’ve been talking about planets in signs. Last month, we covered Cancer,
Leo, and Virgo, in the second of a series of articles discussing how the same
planet acts out it’s function a little bit differently in each zodiac sign.  This month
we’ll look at how the planets behave in Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.
  Lovely Libra: the most charming sign of the zodiac!  Maybe so, but also the most
co-dependent.  Those Libra scales perpetuate the myth that Libra is the most
balanced of the 12 signs.  Not so!!  Libra is desperately SEEKING balance, and tries
to find it through relationships.  On one side of the scale Libra is artistic, gracious,
diplomatic, and refined, and on the other side Libra can be superficial, shallow,
unreliable, and indecisive.   Libra constantly compares and contrasts  in an effort
to arrive  at a point of balance and fairness.
  The Libra Sun develops their ego through interactions with others.  Moon in
Libra needs to have their feelings validated by others.  The emotional Moon has
trouble dealing with Libra’s objectivity.  They need to maintain their emotional
perspective at all costs.  Mercury in Libra  is relatively intellectually conservative,
because to hold any kind of extreme or socially unacceptable opinion would
render Libra unable to  hang on to their comfy position of being on middle
ground.  The Libran Venus excels in diplomatic skills and are able to be objective
(and superficial) in their relationships.  They are sociable, but not very
passionate.  Mars, which is not a particularly balanced type of energy, not to
mention being self-oriented, has a difficult time in Libra.  Being in Libra causes the
typically self-motivated Mars to rely on other people for their inspiration to action.  
Jupiter’s tendency to go overboard is tempered somewhat in Libra.  They need to
apply some balance to that “all or nothing” mentality.   Saturn  is comfortable in
unemotional Libra, especially when handling non-personal situations.  When they
do form partnerships, they tend to be long lasting (whether the relationship is
good or not, it ENDURES).
  The sign of Scorpio has a bad reputation, and often deservedly so.  They ARE
controlling, manipulative, and secretive.  Scorpio is also passionate, sensual, and
mysterious.  Their obsessive-compulsive tendencies run deep. Scorpio is the
catalyst, the one who stirs the pot and gets things going.  One thing you can count
on; if you become seriously involved with Scorpio, it will change your life.
  Persons with Sun in Scorpio can re-invent themselves many times over,
whenever it suits their purpose.  Scorpio Moons need to hide their feelings,
because to give anything emotional away would be equivalent to  giving away their
power.    The deepest thinker of the zodiac is Mercury in Scorpio.  They can read
between the lines, instinctively understanding what others fail to pick up on.  Don’
t waste your time attempting  to deceive Mercury in Scorpio; it won’t work.  They
are intense and are prone to obsessive thinking.  Venus in Scorpio is another
obsessive, possessive, and jealous type.  They do not have superficial
relationships, and they can be very manipulative toward their partners.  Fiery Mars
is extraordinarily powerful in Scorpio.  Think of boiling water.  It’s easy to get
scalded by individuals with this planetary placement.  Mars in Scorpio is a highly
physically energetic configuration.  Scorpio brings focus to the  random energy of
Mars, strengthening it in the process.  The Scorpionic Mars will keep you
guessing about it’s motives.  Dealing with Mars in Scorpio requires caution; there
is potential for violence here.   The expansiveness of Jupiter, when placed in
Scorpio, heightens the emotional intensity, and also may increase the  propensity
to manipulate others. This is also a common factor in the natal charts of religious
fanatics.  Saturn is repressed by nature, and under the thumb of Scorpio, even
more so.
  Which brings us to Sagittarius, the antithesis of repressed.  Sagittarius is
adventurous, bold, extravagant, generous, optimistic, and sometimes out of
control.  They shoot their mouths off at every opportunity, without stopping to
think. Sagittarius is honest to a fault, does everything in a big way, and above
everything else, Sagittarius values honesty. Sagittarius is the sign that sees the
big picture, the greater issue, the broader horizon.
  If your Sun is in Sagittarius, you know that NOTHING can hold you back when you
are determined.  Always seeking new experiences, the Sagittarian Sun is the  
world traveler, both physically and in their mind.  They embrace new ideas,
cultures, and journeys as all part of the eternal quest for truth.  Moon in
Sagittarius is emotionally adaptable in relationships; that is, until they get bored.  
Boredom is something they won’t tolerate, along with restrictions on their
personal freedom. If either of these conditions occurs, Moon in Sagittarius is out
the door.  Mercury functions well in Sagittarius.  Independent in their ideas, the
Sagittarian Mercury is blessed with intellectual skill and imagination.  They  learn
best by DOING.  Traveling is an incredible learning experience, and  individuals
with this mercury placement are direct, often to the point of overly blunt,
communicators.  Venus in Sagittarius cannot have ENOUGH relationships.  They
have many friends (and lovers), and don’t like to get too entangled.  Mars
becomes much more idealistic in Sagittarius than it is in other signs.  All that Mars
in Sagittarius can cause a person to become a real zealot. They lose interest easily
and move on to the next big thing, but they never run out of energy.   Jupiter
takes risks in Sagittarius, and are often very lucky.  Like Mars, there is tremendous
energy here, but Jupiter in Sagittarius is always in danger of burning themselves
out.  Orderly, methodical Saturn can be overwhelmed in Sagittarius, but usually
manage to get a handle on it and use Sagittarius’ fiery energy to advance their
social and professional status.
  Next column we’ll take on planets last three signs; Capricorn, Aquarius, and
Pisces.   In case you missed part one of this series, and are wondering why haven’
t mentioned Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto , it is because the signs they are in natally
are generational, meaning that everyone in your age group will have those planets
in the same signs (this explains why each age group seems to have a collective
personality and a common experience, like the people that came of age in the 60's).