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As Above, So Below
Adventures in Synchronicity
by Sherrie Nist
       Does astrology work?  I’m a (insert your sign); what does
that mean?  Who am I compatible with?  And what’s the deal with
those horoscope columns, anyway?  Are they accurate?  Why
don’t I fit the descriptions for my natal sign?  Do planets really
make things happen?
       These are some of the most frequently asked questions
about astrology.  I’ll attempt to answer these questions and more
in this monthly column.
       This is not going to be a horoscope column.   Many people
believe that those newspaper/magazine daily/monthly
astrological forecasts represent all there is to astrology, and
rightly scoff at the idea that there are only 12 personality types in
the world, and on any given day, every Virgo is having the same
experiences. The horoscopes are fun to read, and occasionally
accurate, but don’t even begin to scratch the real astrological
surface.   Life is not that simple; neither is astrology.
Nor will this be a crash course in astrology.  There’s no such
thing.  Astrology is the kind of subject about which the more you
learn, the less you think you know.  Astrology is not for the
       Astrology is not fortune telling.  It is a timing device.  The
word horoscope literally means “hour watcher.”  Your natal
horoscope is a map of the heavens at the exact moment of your
birth, drawn from the perspective of where you (and your
mother) were when this momentous event took place.  It is
unique to you, unless somebody was born the exact same time
and place.  Even a few minutes can change a birth chart.
       The natal chart describes your potential.  How you develop
that potential is up to you.   Everyone has read the personality
descriptions of the 12 natal signs.  When you read about your
sign, you will probably identify with at least some of it, maybe
most of it.  Sun signs definitely do say alot about you.  But,  they
are by no means the last word.  Not even close.  Everyone has
every sign somewhere in their chart.  Just as important as the
Sun sign is your Moon sign. The moon correlates with your
emotional nature.  If it is in a sign with radically different
identifying characteristics, than your Sun sign, you may find
yourself at odds with your emotions, possibly even feeling like
you don’t even understand yourself!  
       Every planet serves a specific function in your chart.  For
example, Mercury is the communication function. The sign
Mercury is in, as well as where it is in your chart, and the
connections it is making to the other planets will all modify the
interpretation of your Mercury. It could have no connection to
your actual Sun sign, thereby making the traditional explanation
of how your Sun sign communicates not particularly applicable to
       Your natal chart is like a snapshot; it’s a picture of a moment
in time.  Although the moment is captured forever, life goes on,
and so it is with astrology.  The planets continue to revolve
around the Sun, reflecting the dynamics of your life.  Notice I
didn’t say causing the dynamics of your life.  Planets cause
NOTHING.  They are merely a reflection of what is going on.
       It’s all about synchronicity, the simultaneous occurrence of
events on different levels.  When we learn the planetary
correspondences, astrology becomes a valuable  tool that can
help us in every area of life.